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picto Press release - 04/07/2019

Energy Observer Developments, from expedition to innovative hydrogen solutions in the maritime sector
  • Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel around the world, launches its subsidiary Energy Observer Developments
  • Its objective: to deploy clean hydrogen throughout the territory, particularly in the maritime sector, and to become the European leader in low-carbon and decentralised marine energy systems
  • In the long term, nearly 200 technicians and engineers will be hired as part of a pioneering organization that will develop a carbon-neutral industry

After several years and thousands of nautical miles spent validating its innovations, Energy Observer is launching its subsidiary Energy Observer Developments at the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco. The ambition of this new phase of the project is to propose disruptive, innovative, reliable and accessible solutions to the various maritime and port communities. To do so, Energy Observer Developments and its partners intend to become a true European leader capable of designing, assembling and distributing zero emission and zero carbon marine energy systems in an industrial way.

Silent, efficient and lightweight, free of fine particles and CO2 emissions, quickly rechargeable, electric propulsion combined with hydrogen storage is now obvious for all heavy transport in the world. China, Japan, Korea, California and the rest of Scandinavia are announcing massive investments in the deployment of clean hydrogen, and Energy Observer Developments wants to make an operational contribution to this energy revolution.

Three complementary solutions are developed in this new structure: 

  • The Ecosystems H₂ 360, which uses Energy Observer's experience in corrosion, ventilation and hydrogen management in hostile environments to offer solutions for coastal areas in terms of stations 360. One of the convictions of Energy Observer, which has been forged with the main players in the sector, is that hydrogen consumers must be mutualised in order to be able to produce hydrogen at a competitive price. From this realistic perspective, maritime transport is strategic and therefore port areas are a priority.
  • Energy Designer, the design office for the renewable energy mix. Still thanks to the numerous solar, wind, hydrogenation and flow sharing experiments, developed on the catamaran Energy Observer, the team's engineers have a unique experience in realistic innovation. After recruiting engineers specialized in renewable energies, complementary to those of the boat, this design office intends to meet the challenges faced by each territory, company or community, by optimizing the mix of available energies.
  • GEH₂, the new generation hydrogen generator set. The latter job is undoubtedly the most ambitious since it involves combining the best skills in terms of maritime propulsion and energy storage in hostile environments. The aim is to perfect, assemble and distribute a H₂ generator that can replace diesel generators, with particular attention to urgent maritime needs. This new product will have to offer a clean, but also accessible and competitive alternative to combustion engines, the use of which will eventually be restricted or prohibited in many maritime or inland waterway areas.

A first investment has been made by some of the main partners and historical shareholders of Energy Observer, in order to deploy the resources and means necessary for this concrete implementation. Several alliances and acquisitions of complementary technical and industrial brick specialists are underway and, in the long term, nearly 200 technicians and engineers will contribute to a concrete and realistic energy transition within one of the pioneers of the zero-carbon industry.

Thus, Energy Observer gives a precise meaning and a real societal dimension to its commitment as a pioneer and ambassador for hydrogen and renewable energies. From a pure technological demonstrator to a committed economic player, the milestone has been reached!

About Energy Observer Developments
Energy Observer Developments is the result of a unique feedback experience acquired on board Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel around the world and French ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals. The mission of Energy Observer Developments is to offer privileged access to the deployment of clean hydrogen on all territories, and in particular maritime, coastal and isolated ecosystems. With its three complementary businesses, Écosytème H 360°, a model model making the relevant connection between local producers with land and sea consumers, the Energy Designer design office, and the GEH hydrogen generator set at the quayside or on board, Energy Observer Developments aims to become the European leader in intelligent, clean and sustainable marine energy systems.

About Energy Observer 
Energy Observer is the first hydrogen vessel which aims towards energy autonomy  and that emits no greenhouse gases or fine particles. This electrically propelled vessel of the future operates through a mix of renewable energies and a system that produces carbon-free hydrogen from seawater. This technological and scientific challenge aims to test cutting-edge technologies in extreme conditions, anticipating the energy networks of the future that could be used on land but also to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers on the energy transition.

Energy Observer is currently conducting an Odyssey for the Future that will last six years (2017-2022). During this time, it will visit 50 countries and call at 101 ports to raise public awareness about key aspects of the environmental transition, in particular: renewable energies, biodiversity, mobility, and the circular economy, through the stopovers made with its traveling village, on social media, and in a documentary series. This world tour is led by Victorien Erussard, founder and captain and France's chief ambassador for the UN's 17 sustainable development goals, and Jérôme Delafosse, head of the expedition and director of the documentary series.

Energy Observer received the High Patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, as well as the official support from the European Union, UNESCO and IRENA.